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The Hong Kong Minimally Invasive Brain & Spine Neurosurgery Centre has top specialists who treat complex neurological conditions caused by stroke, tumors, hernias, injuries, and traumas. Each day our skilled neurosurgeons perform dozens of complicated surgeries, saving people’s lives and helping them to restore their health. Thousands of patients go through the doors of our neurosurgery center every year which gives our excellent team of surgeons unparalleled expertise and ability to guarantee exceptional results to all of the patients.

Advantages of minimally invasive neurosurgery

    • Precision

Minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) are performed using highly innovative equipment and advanced robotic technologies that provide better precision, allowing to remove the tumor or blockage without harming the surrounding healthy tissues.

    • Affordable

With MIS, you need fewer doctor appointments, anesthesia, and medication as well as a shorter hospital stay. This way, you can afford the services of the best neurosurgeons in Hong Kong at a reasonable price.

    • Smaller incisions

Thanks to high-precision instruments, neurosurgeons can make the tiniest incisions that are typically less than an inch. In open surgery, a standard incision is 3-8 inches long.

    • Quicker recovery

People often put off a necessary surgery because they don’t have time to deal with recovery. With MIS, the recuperation time can be as little as a few days, comparing to open surgery that takes anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to recover from. Our neurosurgery center patients are usually dismissed on the same day of the procedure, giving them a convenient option of home recovery.

    • Lesser risk of complications

Tiny incisions matter a lot. They lead to much smaller blood loss and minimize the risk of infection and injuries to surrounding tissues.

    • Less scarring

Traditional open surgeries often leave huge unsightly scars that make patients feel self-conscious about their appearance. MIS requires smaller incisions, which means scars are also much smaller.

If you are looking for an excellent neurosurgery clinic in Hong Kong, you have come to the right place. Fill in the online form to make an appointment with one of our specialist and start your journey to a healthy and happy life!

Trigeminal Nerve Treatment

Initial stage of treatment is drug therapy for one or two months. The effectiveness of drugs in controlling the pain can help clinical diagnosis. But medications can only be a temporary solution, not a permanent cure for the true cause of trigeminal neuralgia that is: external factors compressing on the nerve and make it short-circuit.

Head injury

Brain tumors can be subdivided into non-cancerous benign tumor and malignant cancerous tumor. If a tumor is originated within brain compartment ......

Spine Surgery
Spine Surgery

Tumors can develop in the vertebrae, nerves, and other tissue throughout your spine. Some spine tumors, such as astrocytomas, occur more commonly in children and adolescents......

Stroke Prevention

Given the disease burden of strokes, prevention is an important public health concern. As stroke neurosurgeons, we do not want to treat stroke unless we are forced to do so for acute stroke ......

brain tumor treatment Hong Kong

Brain tumors grow and compress normal brain tissue. Both benign and malignant tumors can cause swelling of the brain and raised intracranial pressure. Headache, dizziness....

Neurosurgeon Hong Kong


Dr Pang Ka Hung, Peter

Dr Ting Yiu Kan

Dr Ka Hung Pang Peter

Dr Yiu Ting KAN


FHKAM (Surgery)

Specialist in Neurosurgery
Brain and Spine Neurosurgery
Subspecialised in skull base, 
neuro-vascular and spine

Languages Spoken : English, Cantonese


FHKAM (Surgery)

Specialist in Neurosurgery
Brain and Spine Neurosurgery
Subspecialised in skull base, 
neuro-vascular and spine

Languages Spoken : English, Cantonese


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